Tue 01 Sep 2020 16:29

Event 'Pitch up for Rugby'

Saturday 12th September.
We will be supporting the
RFU campaign, entitled
"Pitch Up For Rugby."
This will include all of our
members. Mini and Juniors,
Ladies and Gents. We are
hoping to have enough
players from each section so
that they can play a game of
Touch Rugby within their
individual groups.
We are hoping that any nonplaying coaches, and
perhaps some "oldies" like
myself, will be available to
assist with refereeing.
The BBQ will be fired up, and
for the small price of £5:00, a
Burger or Hot-Dog, together
with a drink of your choice,
including beer, will be
For those of us with bellies
that can cater for 10 Burgers
and 10 beers, seconds will
be available.
Please come along and
support us. There is much
work being done, by a very
few, in order to make this day
viable and to keep it in line
with the RFU's guidelines for
Corvid 19.
Please can I ask the coaches
and players, to ensure that all
our players are aware of the
date, and to encourage as
many as we can to support
Fingers-crossed that the
weather is kind, because the
instruction from the RFU is to
cancel the day if it is raining.
Here's to a good day, with
good food and good beer.
But far more importantly than
these, to good company.

Tim Wynn.

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